Between the Covers

June 7, 2017

In this penetrating and far-ranging interview, host  David Naimon talks with Dani about memoir, craft and Hourglass.

May 20, 2017

“Though Hourglass takes an emotional toll on its reader—in particular, because of Shapiro’s searing, pared-down narrative—it is a love story through and through, as she probes the underbelly of romantic relationships, revealing what we often feel so potently, but don’t put words to. In a candid conversation with Vogue about her marriage and how she realized its written depiction, Shapiro shared her deepest thoughts on love.”


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logo-smAugust 14th, 2014


If you’re reading this you’re not writing. That should go without saying, of course, but maybe you need to hear it again. Because chances are you’re susceptible to distraction, victim of the impulse to research before you write. Maybe you—like me, and like Dani Shapiro (author of, most recently, of Still Writing, and the subject of this interview), and like countless other writers—too often find yourself caught up in the chorus of Twitter, or mesmerized by the intricate fractal-like nature of Wikipedia’s ever-deepening links, or sinking into the quicksand of your inbox, essentially doing anything but the writing you set out to do. Maybe, like any writer, you’re a savant of procrastination. But right now, if you do indeed find yourself not writing but instead here at this interview, this time you may have come to the right place.

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Craft As a Spiritual Practice With Dani Shapiro

The Good Life Project.  In this week’s episode, Dani gets us thinking about craft as life and thought and spirit, the changing face of the publishing world, the artful practice that helped her become who she is, and how creative people can both be of the world and of service to it. If you’re a writer or an artist or maker, or aspire to any of those creative pursuits, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Published in Salon on 11.15.13

Salon.logo.OUTLINESWhat’s most amazing about “Still Writing” is how, through Shapiro’s grace and instruction, she makes the reader share her unswerving belief that the act of writing can transform and shape our vision of ourselves and of the world. I’m delighted to talk with her about the practice and art of writing.

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Dani Shapiro: 2 Rules for Any Spiritual Journey

Growing up in a strict and traditional household, Dani Shapiro says her religious beliefs came from her parents. Later in life, a simple question from her own son sent Dani on a spiritual journey into her true thoughts and feelings on the faith. Watch as Dani reveals two lessons she’d like to impart to people embarking on their own quest for inner truth.


The Pleasures and Perils of a Writer’s Life

The Pleasures And Perils Of Writing About Writing

by Hannah GersenThe-Millions

Initially I had a blog because everyone told me to have a blog. And when I started, I thought what can I regularly blog about that feels like a deep enough well? And the answer was: the process of writing. The creative process itself. What it takes to do the work, what are the pitfalls and the joys, the struggles and the privileges. We do what we do alone in a room. Yet we’re struggling with the blank pages… Read the interview.

Dani interviewed on The Today Show

KQED – Finding Faith with Michael Krasny

Dani discusses ways to find meaning outside of traditional religious practices. She is joined by Greg Epstein, humanist chaplain at Harvard University and author of “Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe” and Rev. Scotty McLennan, dean for religious life at Stanford University and author of “Jesus Was A Liberal: Reclaiming Christianity for All”