Playing with Fire

“It has true dedication climbing its burning ladders. Its romantic heat seems to collect at the ceiling.”

-James Wolcott, VANITY FAIR

“Shapiro has literary sensibilities to be reckoned with…she manages to weave insights of love, family and religious tradition into her story with unobtrusive skill.”


“A sophisticated erotic loss-of-innocence novel, suitable for reading in one steamy sitting. It should do a bang-up box office business when it becomes a movie, provided it’s produced with one-tenth the subtlety Shapiro brought to the writing of it.”


“An intense, steamy tale of one young woman’s coming of age…a tight, well-written novel…a sleek, noteworthy first effort.”


“A novel that, in illuminating the problems of coming-of-age, generates nearly as much light as heat.”


“Sleek and languorous…balancing glitz with integrity…and the eroticism of wealthy, glamour and forbidden love.”